Roadworthy Certificates

A Roadworthy Certificate (Certificate of Road Worthiness or RWC) is required in Victoria whenever a vehicle's ownership is transferred to another person or company. This could be when a vehicle is sold or even when the vehicle is being moved from a person to a company.

The purpose of a RWC is to ensure a particular vehicle is safe for use on the road. A RWC generally consists of checking the vehicles:
  • wheels and tyres
  • steering, suspensions and braking systems
  • seats and seat belts
  • lights and reflectors
  • windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers

It does not cover non-safety related items such as whether or not the air conditioner or electric windows are working. These would be items inspected only on request as part of a general check or service.

What if a fault is found?

As required by law, you will be presented with a “Rejection Slip” that states the items that need addressing or repair. All of the items listed must be repaired within 7 days, otherwise, you will require a new RWC. If you suspect your vehicle could use some TLC, It’s always a good idea to have your vehicle checked over and repaired if needed prior to requesting a RWC. This will avoid the 7 day time limit and the possibility of paying for another RWC.

Can you repair the faults?

Yes, Our mechanic can handle most tasks. However, If we are unable to accommodate a specific task we will communicate this with you and recommend alternative workshops.

I have my own mechanic, can I have the items fixed and return the car later?

Yes! If you would like to use your own mechanic you are more than welcome to. Your vehicle must return to us within 7 days, if the fixes are adequate, you will receive your Certificate of Road Worthiness.

What if I bring my car back after 7 days?

If you do not return your car within 7 days we are required to fail your current RWC and carry out the inspection all over again. Even if you return your car on day 8. This will result in additional costs to you so we highly recommend you return it within the time frame.


Motorbikes: $180 inc GST

Light Vehicles: $220 inc GST

4WD Vehicles: $250inc GST

*Sorry, we are unable to provide RWC’s for vehicles with LPG or vehicles with a GVM Over 4.5 tonnes.